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Designer Frames

We stock a wide range of designer frames. So no matter what your style is, we’ll have the right look for you!

Need Help Choosing?

Our friendly, experienced and professional team are on hand to help you find the right pair of frames. Below are a few tips to consider when selecting your specs, but remember, there really isn’t a hard and fast rule to all of this.  Ultimately, it’s what you look and feel great in that counts!

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Tips on Selecting the Right Frames

Face Shape?

Most people like to choose glasses that are the opposite shape of your face shape.

Hair & Skin Tones?

If you have a golden or olive skin tone, you’ll want to stick towards warm colors.
If you’re a cooler skin tone go with pinks, blues and purples, colder colors will look best on you.
If you have a neutral skin tone, wear whatever you want!!
Similar rules for hair colours. If you have red hair, green tones always look fabulous!

What about my nose?

Yes, the shape and size of your nose does actually affect the look and feel of your glasses. Long noses usually look best with a lower bridge and larger sized frames whereas shorter noses the opposite.

Trends, Style & Personality

Who are you? What statement do you want to say about yourself? Light frames and rimless glasses dont draw attention to themselves and allow people to focus more on you!   Or maybe you’re looking for a bold image with attitude? Try to choose glasses that reflect your personality.