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libertyWhat are varifocals?

Varifocals or progressive lenses allow the user to see objects at all distances. They are made up of three main areas, distance, intermediate and near vision, blended into one lens.

Why do I need them?

Around the age of 40 plus, our near vision normally needs correcting, as it deteriorates. If you already have a prescription, a varifocal lens is used to correct everything in one.

How do they work?

The lenses are positioned so that when you look straight ahead, you automatically look through the distance portion of the lens. To read, the gaze is lowered as normal, and your eyes will then automatically look through the reading zone. To look at something at arms length, you simply raise or lower your head slightly until the object comes into focus.

After a while the process of finding the correct part of the lens for each different viewing distance becomes automatic and you don’t have to think about it all

Giving you confidence

Because varifocals provide a greater range of correction than single vision lenses, they take some getting used to. We have an extremely high success rate in fitting patients with varifocal lenses and take special concern that we are always available to provide advice to patients who are new to varifocal lenses.