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Eye Contact Opticians, London, Liverpool Street & Moorgate

Patient feedback

What’s your experience of our service?

We strive to give you the best possible experience, from eye check up, recommending optical products,  satisfying your order, and after care.

We endeavour to ask all of our patients whether they would would you recommend us to a friend and the reason why they would. You can go to our survey page to give us your view.

Responses are below:


‘Why would you recommend us to friend?’

7/20/2014 staff dedicated to getting the correct contact lens solution

8/8/2014 Excellent service and staff

8/9/2014 Excellent opticians with excellent service

8/11/2014 I really like the optician that I see and have faith in his skills.

8/12/2014 excellent service and advice. i am a 10-yr customer

8/12/2014 Very professional and friendly service

10/30/2014 Good, friendly treatment

10/30/2014 Professional, helpful & highly informed staff.

10/30/2014 Professional, helpful & highly informed staff.

10/30/2014 Excellent service

10/30/2014 Friendly and professional approach

10/30/2014 Exceptionally friendly and helpful staff.

10/31/2014 friendly great service

10/31/2014 great personalised service, I now have optimum vision

7/1/2014 12:35:34 Because it was thoroughly deserved – very good service throughout & went the extra mile to help me

7/1/2014 12:43:43 Good service and products. Fast delivery

7/1/2014 12:43:43  Been using them for years, very personable service

7/1/2014 16:18:08 The optician is extremely thorough.

7/2/2014 15:15:50 Because Eye Contact is an excellent place. The small company and independent nature of the business allows for a bespoke service.

7/7/2014 17:57:43 perfect eye service

6/6/2014 13:50:18 10 fantastic and accurate service

6/6/2014 13:35:10 10 Because I already have recommended you!

6/6/2014 13:56:25 10 Relaxed visit and friendly

6/6/2014 14:08:15 10 Excellent friendly service

6/6/2014 14:20:05 10 Great service.

6/6/2014 15:31:22 10 Professional service

6/6/2014 16:13:07 8 It was a very enjoyable visit

6/6/2014 21:06:33 10 very experienced optician, good customer service

6/6/2014 22:11:14 10 First class service as always.

6/7/2014 13:50:19 10 Great service, very helpful staff

wonderful staff, great advice and help.

23-3-2014 23:10

Really friendly, I’ve always been very happy with the care and how accessible they are.

18-3-2014 14:39 

Excellent attention to detail during the eye examination and in after sales.

18-3-2014 14:34 

Very good service

18-3-2014 13:33
The professionalism of the staff
18-3-2014 13:31 

Good friendly service.

1811-2013 14: 07 

I have never had a bad experience here

1811-2013 13: 58 

I have been extremeley happy with the care I have recieved on every visit. And I HAVE already recommmended my sister

1811-2013 13: 35 

Excellent friendly service

1811-2013 13: 33 

Very satisfied with the service

311-2013 18: 48

Good service, convenient location

2210-2013 6: 17

Staff were informative and friendly. Quick turn around time (once I eventually made my mind up)…

810-2013 16: 43 

I have been going to this optician for around 10 years and I have trust and confidence that they do a very good job.

310-2013 22: 08 

Friendly, professional service, good advice, comprehensive coverage.

310-2013 14: 28

Great service

26-9-2013 14: 05 

Because the service is always professional, friendly, and the staff are lovely.

26-9-2013 14: 04 

the service you provide is excellent.

24-9-2013 10: 49 

great service and great results

18-9-2013 22: 40 

Very friendly and explained each process carefully.

17-9-2013 10: 21

Service excellent & friendly, always sent a text reminder. Very handy!

12-9-2013 12:09

The service is exceptional and your made to feel very special

49-2013 14: 29 

I onlycame in to buy some Serengeti sun glasses because you were my closest stockist. If I ever findanybody else who wants Serengeti, I will let them know where you are

Fantastic friendly service

9/8/2013 14:58

Great staff and great service – very happy to be a customer here

9/8/2013 14:21

Excellent personable service, the staff really care about ensuring you are prescribed the right items, and you are happy with the result. Can’t recommend highly enough.

9/8/2013 13:59

Very happy with service

9/8/2013 13:57

Nice staff who seem to know their job.

9/8/2013 13:46

You solved my problem within a few days as promised so I’m really happy to choose you. Thanks again to the Italian receptionist who helped me a lot.

23/7/2013 22:34

Find the staff and service to be excellent

23/7/2013 12:23

I have already recommended both friends and family. the service was profession, efficient and friendly.

9/7/2013 14:29

Friendly, professional and will price match. What’s not to like!


Very knowledgeable – marked down for location which at this point in time is slightly inconvenient.

27/6/2013 19:54

very friendly service

27/6/2013 14:09

always a great comprehensive service and customer service is 10/10

27/6/2013 12:38

Good simple advice

‘My visit for eye test went so well. Please note that Eye Contact is my first opticians since I have started using glasses and I am very happy with your service, especially with Arif Karim who is a very helpful, kind, customer caring and very knowledgeable individual’ 24/05/2013

‘Very professional, polite and knowledge about products they offer. Its a pleasure to have an eye test which is not the normal experience I’ve had. Have used this Optician for a number of years and will continue to do so’ 24/05/2013

‘Optician came across as extremely knowledgable and explained all aspects of the process and resulting prescription excellently. Useful advice also given regarding choosing frames, even if I haven’t quite got there yet’

‘Very professional and efficient service. The optician was very pleasant too’ 24/05/2013

‘I have used many other opticians, and find that the entire service at Eyecontact, in particular Mr Karim’s expertise, is the best I have encountered in my 30 years of glasses wearing’ 14/05/2013

‘Knowledgable staff and competitve pricing’ 14/05/2013

‘good friendly service, consistently good level of advice and support’ 15/4/2013

‘The staff were friendly and the whole process was simple and efficient.’ 3/4/2013

‘Good after sales service when problem with using new glasses’ 20/3/13

‘Competent staff and efficient service. Been going to Eye Contact for more than 10 years now and intend to continue’ 18/3/13

Professional service with time taken to fully explain the process and any issues. It was clear the expertise of the optician was at a very high level yet time was taken to explain in terms I understood. In addition when discussing frames and lenses no pressure was applied and a complete openess to share the information and allow me to seek alternative options was refreshing. Overall very pleased with the service I received. 22/2/2013

My daughter & I were given a very thorough eye test and a new prescription when another optician had said that all was well. Her headaches have now stopped which is a great blessing as she is a student 13/2/2013

I thought the service was friendly & professional 31/1/2012

So far very good customer service and professional service 24/1/2013

Very helpful and friendly staff, 10/1/2013

Always a good and friendly service, 7/1/2013

Personal style to Arif’s customer service and communications, 22/12/2012

I tried so many other opticians, then I was recommended, and have been coming to you ever since. The service is impeccable, friendly and I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else, 20/12/2012

excellent and very personal service, 20/12/2012

Excellent service received every time I attend an appt, 18/12/2012

Arif is very considerate and helpful and takes the time to explain things very clearly, 7/12/2012

Friendly people, good service!, 30/11/2012

Staff very customer focus, interactive and supportive, 30/11/2012