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Contact Lenses

Trial Contact Lenses

iStock_000014641903XSmallWe specialise in contact lenses and have the best success rates for patients trying contact lenses for the for the first time. The Head Optometrist, Arif Karim is a leader in the contact lens field, and consults leading contact lens manufacturers about patient needs.

In the initial assessment, specialised diagnostic tests gauge your eyes suitability for contact lenses and this forms the basis for recommending the right product for you from the broad range available.

We are completely independent and always advise you on which lens is the very best for your eyes and your lifestyle needs. As an independent we have access to the latest technology in lenses such as custom made lenses  http://www.eye-contact.co.uk/markennovy/

Follow up contact lens consultations

After the initial consultation, we order some trial diagnostic lenses to see how well they fit you, how comfortable you find them and how clear your vision is. Depending on how well this lens performs, modifications to the prescription are made in order to optimise your contact lens experience.

If you are new to lenses, we spend as much time as you need teaching you how to handle and care for the lenses. We take this part very seriously and a senior member of our team will always go through this carefully with you. We have developed a range of techniques and hints that will help you pop your lenses on and off with ease.

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