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Minimise absence and productivity losses

How important is specialist advice and products?


Research by the Leibniz Research Centre for Working Environment and Human Factors found that spending 4 hours or more in front of a computer requires specialist occupational lenses and that 63% of spectacle wearers are unhappy with their lenses because of unclear vision. 

Research cited by the American Optometric Association found that even a minor miscorrection increases the time to complete tasks by 9% and errors by 40%Just accounting for the increased time to complete tasks, this means sub-optimal recommendations could be costing employers £4,500 for an employee on an average city salary of £50,000

How do I know if my optician is providing an occupational eye exam? 

If your optician is not running these tests as standard, then you employees might not be receiving the best prescription advice. Eye Contact Opticians runs these tests as part of the standard eye examination. 

Comprehensive ocular motility tests – ability for eyes to move smoothly and in a co-ordinated fashion through entire visual field. Computer users with poor ocular-motility may experience double vision and head aches arising from increase stress of the extra-ocular muscles.

Comprehensive range of near vision tests for under 40s – computer users who have a refractive error (caused by the eye being the wrong shape) experience symptoms of blurred vision normally at a near or far distance. The increased strain on the eye by attempts to find a clear image can cause the headaches associated with visual fatigue.

Fixation alignment tests – these check how well the eyes are aligned and track as they move. Fixation disparity is where there is a small misalignment of the eyes when viewing with binocular vision, leading to blurred vision, if the different images are relayed to the brain, one of the main symptoms of visual fatigue. Severity of symptoms are great including headaches and eyestrain.

Stereopsis tests – checks functionality and co-ordination of the binocular vision.