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Eye Contact Opticians, London, Liverpool Street & Moorgate

We specialise in corporate eye care

Eye Contact specialises in corporate eye care. Our specialist occupational eye examinations and product range are designed specifically for city based employees who have heavy demands placed on their eyes and visual system.

Our Optometrists have many years experience in working with city based patients. We invest in the latest eye care technology, such as Optomap Widefield Retinal Imaging, to optimise your employees eye care experience and cover your health and safety obligations.

Details of our corporate eye care scheme

  • Specialist Occupational Eye Examination as standard
  • Reduced fee for eye examinations(£17.95 reduced from £29)
  • £50 employer contribution if spectacles required for VDU use only
  • Quarterly invoicing
  • Up to 20% off Optical Products & regular market leading offers
  • Clinic Days dedicated exclusively for you, with 20% off Optomap ultrawide-field retinal imaging

Your complimentary eye exam to learn more 

The best way to learn more about our corporate eye care scheme is to experience first hand an eye exam and clinical consultation with our team. To book your complimentary eye exam and find out more about our scheme, please complete the form below.

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