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Optical Lenses


After your clinical consultation, we may recommend an opthalmic lens to improve your visual comfort, particularly at work where visual demands are often most heavy. We are an independent optician and can choose among different, specialist lens suppliers, including Nikon, Hoya, and Zeiss, to suit your prescription and budget.

Occupational and Progressive lenses

The most common visual complaints, deterioration of near vision or a combination of near and long vision, require occupational or progressive lenses. The suppliers we work with specialise in these types of lenses and are specifically designed for use with a computer.

Progressive (varifocal lenses)

Varifocals provide a greater range of correction than single vision lenses and they take some getting used to. We have an extremely high success rate in fitting patients with varifocal lenses and take special concern that we are always available to provide advice to patients who are new to varifocal lenses.

We accept prescriptions from other opticians

We accept prescriptions from other opticians and are happy to fit your existing frames with new lenses from our range of suppliers. To discuss your options, complete the form below for a call back or to make a time at the practice with one of our team.

Terms & Conditions for all Lens Orders

All Optical lens orders are bespoke and are placed electronically immediately at the point of ordering. Therefore, no refunds or cancellations are possible.

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