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Benefits of the Optomap


The Optomap provides a panoramic digital image of 82% of the retina. It is fast, painless and comfortable for the patient and gives you so much more information than a standard fundus photograph, which only gives a view of 15% of the retina.


Patients do not need to be dilated and the Optomap can be used on the practice shop floor without needing a different lighting level.

The Optomap can be performed by trained practice staff, who would usually take one colour photo and one with auto flourescence on each eye, which then become available to view in the test room immediately.

You can zoom in and out of the retina and look underneath at the choroid and view the blood vessels in high definition. You can also demonstrate the difference in the view of the retina given by the Optomap compared with the view obtained by standard imaging.

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