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Contact Lens Check Up

Your regular contact lens check-up helps prevent eye disease and checks your contact lens prescription. Check-ups are important because you do not always experience symptoms if there is a problem with your eyes.

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Eye Checkup

 Helps prevent eye disease and checks your contact lens prescription

Contact lens aftercares are extremely important as you do not always experience symptoms if there are health problems occurring. We are required by law to check your eyes annually to ensure that your eyes are healthy with regular contact lens use.

We check your vision and see whether the prescription needs to be updated. Your contact lenses usually have a different prescription to your glasses.

We also check how the lenses sit on your cornea (this is the clear front surface of the eye where the contact lens rests) and how they move when you blink or look around; a lens is supposed to move a little but not too much.

We check that the lenses are ‘wetting’ well (a contact lens needs to be coated by your own tears in order for you to see clearly) and check that there are no deposits building up (these are proteins from your tears and can sometimes stick to contact lenses, causing irritation or reducing clarity).

We will then ask you to remove your contact lenses so we can check the health of the eyes themselves. We look for any signs of irritation on the eyes and any signs that the eyes aren’t getting enough oxygen.

‘The optician was fantastic, very thorough and covered all bases. He tailored the test to my needs and concerns rather than just testing for the sake of it”