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Eyecare for small business

Keeping your costs to an absolute minimumiStock_000016483469XSmall

  • £15 Occupational Eye Examinations, the best value in London
  • £25 spectacles for VDU use, employee selects from range up to £99, the best value in London

No upfront cost & minimum administration

  • Employee pays and claims back through expenses
  • If spectacles required for VDU, employee pays, we provide employee with verification of prescription
  • Alternatively quarterly invoice can be arranged

How easy is it to set up? 3 very simple steps

  1. Drop us an email indicating that you would like to use the scheme
  2. Make employees aware by circulating this link www.eye-contact.co.uk/smallbusiness/
  3. Make employees aware by printing out and putting up this Eyecare_benefits poster.

Does my company need to provide eye examinations for computer users?

Yes. Eye Exams must be provided on request and at regular intervals (normally as recommended by the Optometrist)  Employers also need to provide spectacles if they are required only when the employee is using a computer.  See the Employer Health & Safety Obligations page for more information.

90% of computer workers suffer symptoms, causing absence and lost productivity 

The legislation protects computer users from risks to eyes and eyesight and related symptoms like headache, one of the most common causes of short term absence.  Choosing a specialist Occupational Eyecare provider like Eye Contact is important, because even small misdiagnosis of vision problems can cause 10% increase in time to complete tasks. See our Minimise absence and lost productivity pages for more info.