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Varifocals – better for your visual comfort


In the past, the most common solution was to prescribe reading glasses or bifocals with lines. Those traditional bifocals provide clear vision of objects in the distant and near ranges, but everything in between is blurred. The visible dividing line is also a telltale sign to everyone that you’re wearing bifocals. Thanks to outstanding developments in the optical industry, there’s now a simple solution; multi-focal progressive lenses (Varifocals).

Multi-focal progressive lenses offer the crispest, smoothest, most comfortable vision at all distances. There is no need to carry 2 pairs of glasses or put up with unsightly bifocal lines. With these tips, adapting to your progressive lenses will take practically no time at all.

Adjusting to Progressive Lenses

If you’re new to progressive lenses, you may need a little time to get used to them. No-line bifocals will slightly alter your peripheral vision due to power changes that occur at the edges of the lenses. This initial difference in your peripheral vision will probably require some slight changes in horizontal head and eye movements. Sensitivity to this area of the lens will diminish with time as you become more accustomed to your new lenses.

These guidelines will help you adjust quickly and comfortably:

  • Stop wearing your old glasses immediately.
  • Wear your new glasses non-stop throughout the day.
  • Wear your new glasses high on the bridge of your nose and as close to your face as possible.
  • To look at an object, turn your head (instead of just your eyes) toward it.
  • Move your head vertically until the object glides into focus.

For most, the adaptation period will only last a few hours. Some individuals may need from several days to two weeks before they become completely comfortable. If you’ve been wearing your lenses for this period of time or longer and your vision feels uncomfortable in any way, contact your eye care professional for an evaluation.

Our expertise

Arif Karim, our head optometrist, has over twenty years experience in understanding patient lifestyles and recognising when a progressive lens is the best fit for your vision needs.

Our dispensing experts have over twenty years experience between them helping patients choose the make of varifocal lens best for them and take the time to ensure you have an excellent understanding of what to expect, especially if this is your first varifocal experience.

We are an approved Nikon and Zeiss progressive lens specialist. contact us to ask us a question.

Order Terms & Conditions

All orders are placed electronically and as the lenses are bespoke, no cancellations or refunds are possible after the order is placed.