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Optomap detects retinal detachment


STATE of the art equipment at H & H Eyecare in Altrincham is already proving to be invaluable for its patients.

The opticians, based next to Waitrose in Draybank Road are one of only three in Greater Manchester who offer a retinal Optomap.

When Jude Ledger of Broadheath attended for a routine examination with no symptoms, the Optomap revealed a tear in the retina which required same day, urgent referral to the eye hospital.

“Judith came at just the right time to see us and we are thrilled to have been able to provide her with the most advanced eyecare service,” said H & H Eyecare optometrist, Khal Bhorat.

“The retinal tear we discovered could have potentially resulted in a retinal detachment and permanent sight impairment.

“People perceive their eyes as healthy because they can see well, but as this case demonstrates, there can be underlying problems with potentially devastating consequences.”

The Optomap takes a panoramic photograph of the retina, capturing the widest field of view, covering 82 per cent of the retina compared to the typical 15 per cent coverage of optician retinal photography.

Jude said: “Within hours I had been referred to the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and was being treated there.

“For the first time in years, I feel as though I can see properly.”

Optomap Retinal Imaging Technology is available at Eye Contact Opticians

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