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Refresh your eyes in the office with 2 simple exercises

We spend at lot of our working time looking at a computer screen, which can leave eyes feeling tired and in need of feeling refreshed. We’ve put together a series of simple exercises which you can easily do without leaving your seat – here are the first two.

#1 – Massage your eyes using your ring fingers550px-Do-Yoga-Eye-Exercises-Step-1

  • Using your ring finger, massage the lower eyelids with the tips of your fingers
  • Use short, gentle and circular movements
  • Blink to relax the eyes & repeat



#2 – Stretch your eye muscles550px-Do-Yoga-Eye-Exercises-Step-5 (1)

  • Sit straight, look to the most left side and hold
  • Return gaze to straight ahed & blink to relax the eyes
  • Repat. Remember to blink a few times
  • Do the same action, for other eye positions (left down, up, bottom corner, right down, up etc)