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The Bill actress’s daughter is diagnosed with a brain tumour after eye test for glasses


An actress who appeared on The Bill has told of her shock after her five-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Kaye Wragg’s daughter, Matilda, was diagnosed with a plum-sized tumour after a routine trip to the optician.

Ms Wragg, who was PC Diane Noble in The Bill and who will star in Holby City, took her daughter for a routine eye examination in November

Matilda was seen by Manpreet Bahra who was concerned that she was unable to read even the largest letters on the chart despite previously having been able to.

She checked the health of Matilda’s retina and found signs of raised pressure within her brain.

As a result, she referred her to hospital immediately.

‘Had her tumour not been picked up during Matilda’s eye exam, it would definitely have grown bigger, causing her more problems due to the pressure it built up by blocking the flow of spinal fluid through the brain canals. So detecting it through an eye test at  was crucial, and we can’t thank the optician enough.’


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