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Understanding varifocals pricing?

zeiss-individual-lens-individual-zeiss-lens-configuration-12Bifocals allow the wearer to see over both long and short distances. The two parts of the lens are clearly separated by a line.

Varifocals (or “progressives”) are more advanced. They have blended vision zones and allow wearers to see over long, intermediate and short distance (such as the illustration to the right).  While there are no lines, they take time to adapt to as wearers need to get comfortable with the visual transition.

Why pay?

According to Michael Potter at the Association of British Dispensing Opticians, with varifocals and bifocals it is a case of getting what you pay for. The more you spend, the more bespoke the lenses will be. Wearers will have better vision zones and less distortion, and, in the case of progressive lenses, easier and quicker adaptation.

Ms Farrant said it was hard for consumers to understand the huge differences in varifocal price.

“Lots of people naively believe a varifocal is a varifocal but they’re colossally different. The lens could cost £50 or £500 and look the same, but it’s about outward vision,” she said.

We specialise in bespoke lenses

As an independent, we are not tied to specific suppliers and have the freedom to recommend to our patients the best possible lens for their vision problems and lifestyle needs. To find out more, please contact us http://www.eye-contact.co.uk/contact-us/

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