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The hustle and bustle of a productive work environmentA long time in the office  can cause dry eyes for contact lens wearers   

Studies have shown that when you are using a computer you blink less. Combined with the drier air in offices caused by increased heat of office equipment and air conditioning  this can lead to an uncomfortable experience of dry eyes for contact lens wearers.

The normally very low risk of infection increased on long haul flights

Although the risk of infection wearing contact lenses is normally very low, increased bacteria in the recycled air in the cabin of the aeroplane and susceptibility to fall asleep during long haul flights increases the risk of infection.

Save £78 on our range of complete glases which are ONLY FOR OUR CONTACT LENS PATIENTS

To make make optimising your visual comfort as easy as possible, we’ve created a range of complete designer glasses at only £180, exclusively for our contact lens patients including frames from highly popular frames such as Rayban. The standard price for these glasses is £258 – an amazing £78 saving.

For our existing direct debit patients – simply pay by instalments with your direct debit

For our direct debit patients we can simply add instalments to your existing direct debit.  If you are not a direct debit patient, contact us to find out how you can join the scheme.